Sweet gourmet deco basket

Deco-Gourmet basket

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You still haven't ordered your Peneira pack? This year they come with more products than ever! This is the delicious sweet version that includes the following products:

- Mirabeles in syrup, 400 gr. from Cousas da Bisavoa, an artisan workshop in O Rosal, in Baixo Miño (border between Portugal and Galicia) where this delicious canned mirabeis is made, a very special variety of plum and golden treasure from the Galician countryside.

- Bolachas de Alfarroba, 1 dozen. Artisan carob biscuits made by the artisan workshop Faragullas, in the Ourense village of Vilar de Santos (Galicia), based on ecological flours and following ancestral recipes.

- Paniagua Toasted Liquor, 20 cl. This liquor is made using a centuries-old traditional recipe to achieve soft caramel aromas and a characteristic flavor. Paniagua liquors and marcs are born in Carballiño, Ourense. They are the best fruit of several generations dedicated to the elaboration of authentic and loving liqueurs.

- Mustard colored stoneware glass. Casa Atlântica design made by hand on a potter's wheel with high temperature stoneware, which provides great resistance.

- Ceramic swallow. Enameled in yellow or white to choose, made and painted by hand in a family workshop in the north of Portugal.

- Wooden pendent 25 cm. Traditional sieve formerly used to sift flour and that you can use as a bread basket or as a fruit bowl.

 Pack covered with protective net.

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