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Black ceramic swallows

Bordallo Pinheiro popularized ceramic swallows in the Portuguese popular imagination and are nowadays a decorative object that has become fashionable in many houses, being placed inside, in terraces or as decoration for commercial premises.

Ours are made in a small workshop run by António and Lúcia, professional potters from the north of Portugal who make each piece in ceramics using a mold and hand painting them after one by one in finishes of: black, white, yellow and cobalt blue. 

The placement is very simple, you just have to choose where would you like to place the swallow and then place a pin forming an angle of 45 degrees with the wall facing up to prevent them from falling. 

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At Casa Atlântica you can find them individually in 4 different sizes or in packs of 4 units, which make up a family of four different sizes.  


Size L: 12 x 16,5 cm
Size M: 12 x 14 cm
Size S: 11 x 6 cm
Size XS: 9,5 x 6 cm
Pack: 1 unit of each size
Materials: glazed ceramice

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