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Geometric planter made on white clay and in different colours. 

The irregular geometry of the Geo planters is the result of drawing parallel lines in regular polygons resulting in a balanced and harmonious irregular shape. In the design of the planters we chose the inclination of the enamel bath highlighting the geometric character of the object. The geo planters are exclusive design of Casa Atlântica. The wooden prototypes that were later used to make the molds were made in our workshop. Geo planters are waterproof and you can place them on any surface without fearing water passing through them. At the time of planting you can do it directly or in the plastic pot. 

For better drainage, if you decide to plant directly, do not forget to put a little gravel or a broken ceramic piece in the bottom of the pot or the planter so that the substrate does not get flooded and the roots go bad. If you want to achieve that contemporary design touch in your home, our geometric planters will help you make that environment you love. 

You can find them in different shapes, colours and sizes:

Geo hexagonal

Geo pentagonal and 

Geo Polygonal