A series by Misha B. Golas with Casa Atlântica


A series by Misha B. Golas with Casa Atlântica.

A few months ago, we invited Misha Bies Golas (Lalín, 1977) to work on a series of ceramic pieces in our workshop. The result is these trays, plates, and pitchers painted using traditional graphic techniques and ceramic decals, reflecting his unique artistic style.

Starting with a catalog of shapes from some of his latest works, Misha creates compositional trials that translate into a set of pieces with limitless combination possibilities.

Guided by a cultivated sense of composition, he configures and distributes his forms in a collage that results in this visually captivating collection.

Each piece includes a 14x21 cm postcard painted by Misha, known for his bold and creative approach, bringing a new perspective to our ceramics.

All pieces are made from the highest quality porcelain stoneware, ensuring durability and a good finish, without losing their handcrafted look and the handmade touch we love and identify with.

There are only 25 units in total, making them even more special and unique.

This first series of CALCAS emerged from the Casa Atlântica workshop in Redondela in May 2024 and will be available on our website on June 21st, a unique opportunity to acquire these tableware pieces that combine design, art, and functionality.

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