Planting flowers in autumn


It seems that autumn is not a good time for planting, but for lovers of color and blooming parks we have a secret: it's bulb planting season. What does this mean? Well, if you want to have beautiful tulips or daffodils on display, you need to start now. In general, these plants need a period of cold to bloom, which is why they are planted before the beginning of winter. Although there are always exceptions, such as dahlias or lilies, which should preferably be planted in spring if they want to be left outdoors. Pay attention, we show you how to do it:

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For beginners in gardening this will seem basic, but considering that we want this plant to grow and develop for several months, the most suitable soil is one that is neither too clayey nor too sandy, which drains but retains some water. It is very important to add compost or peat, at least one third, and to stir the soil well. If we see that it is too compacted, we can add gravel to improve drainage. Once we have the bulbs in the soil, preferably 3-5 cm deep for the small ones and 10-20 cm for the big ones, we must look for the ideal place for them to catch the sun. The ideal is south orientation since during the winter they will receive the light and the sufficient heat.

If we want to have a good jungle of flowers, it is good to plant them close together, although it is not the most comfortable for them. You can also mix different bulbs to have a colorful bush. For example, in a pot of 20 cm in diameter we can fit about 5 bulbs.

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Finally, watering is all that is needed. Remember that it is not good for the soil to dry out, but neither should it be waterlogged. There should always be water at the level of the roots, without overdoing it. Some examples of autumn bulbs that bloom in spring, besides daffodils and tulips, are hyacinths, iris or crocus. Bulbs could be compared to the tale of the ugly duckling; from an "onion", sometimes quite ugly, a beautiful flower is born. The only pity is that the flowering usually lasts one or two weeks, but we think it's worth it!

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