Calcas B-M

Ceramic tray

  • Blue
  • Naranja azul verde
  • Gris Marrón Negro
  • Marron Gris Verde
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Calcas - A Series by Misha B. Golas with Casa Atlântica

During a few days in the winter of 2024, we invited Misha B. Golas to the Casa Atlântica workshop to work on a series of industrial stoneware pieces.

Based on a catalog of shapes from some of his latest works, Misha B. Golas used various graphic techniques and ceramic transfers, allowing him to quickly and manually conduct some compositional experiments, which are now reflected in a collection of unique pieces.

In each piece we include a postcard painted by Misha measuring 14x21 cm and made with the stencil technique painted with a roller and paper inks. We have also designed specific packaging for each piece with an illustration printed on the front.

This first series of CALCAS emerged from the Casa Atlântica workshop in Redondela in June 2024, it is a very special limited edition with a run of 25 units and all the resulting designs are different.

How do we do it?

Preliminary compositional studies are conducted following the shape catalog. The transfer paper is cut and adhered to the pre-fired piece. A second firing in the kiln fuses the transfer onto the piece.

Product Information:
  • Glazed stoneware
  • Size: 28 x 19 x 2,5cm

In handmade products, there may be small variations in color and shape.

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