Red clay pots made and painted by hand. 

This mottled planters can be found in different sizes and colours. They are the perfect option to contain your cactus, crass and all kinds of plants, it will help giving a different and personal touch to your home. Made on a potters wheel and hand painted with the splashed technique, a painting technique that became very popular in the 70's. 

At Casa Atlântica we have designed a more contemporary vision of this style, stylising the background colours and perfecting the mottled technique. 

Terracotta is a porous material taht absorbs excess water, making it the best type of pot for your plants. For a better drainage, fo not forget to put some sand, a little gravel, stones or a broken ceramic piece at the bottom. All Odemira planters have a whole for its drainage and a custom-made terracotta dish to collect excess water. 

You can find this planters in different sizes:

Odemira XS

Odemira S

Odemira M