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Mustard Lama clay flower pots

The Lama pots are made of red clay and their production process is completely handmade, the first step being the potter's wheel, then drying, firing, and finally painting in different carefully chosen colours. You can find them in different colours: night blue, forest green and mustard.
Terracotta is a porous material that absorbs excess water, so it is the best type of pot for your plants, moreover, all Lama pots have a hole for watering water drainage and INCLUDE A PLATE also made of clay. You can plant your plants directly in the pot, to allow the excess water to drain properly, place a small layer of sand, gravel, stones or clay pieces at the bottom of the pot.

At Casa Atlântica we are passionate about handmade pots and we work in an environmentally friendly way, in local workshops where traditional craftsmanship, quality, people and love for art are the key. The elaboration process and the handmade craftsmanship makes each piece unique. From the shape, the firing, to the finishing and the painting, it takes days of work, so all our pots have their own unique and unmistakable aesthetic.


M: Outer diameter: 18 cm Inner diameter: 17 cm Height: 19 cm

S: Outer diameter: 15 cm Inner diameter: 14 cm Height: 15 cm

XS: Outer diameter: 13,5 cm Inner diameter: 11,5 cm Height: 13 cm

Recommendations: As far as possible, avoid using tap water to water your plants, as it tends to contain chlorine, lime and other components that can damage the plants and cause white spots on the pots. To avoid this, water with filtered water or rainwater.

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