Pack peneira deco-gourmet salty


Gift basket made up of delicious gourmet products and a selection of our ceramics, presented in a beautiful wooden "peneira".

This is the salty version that includes the following products:

- Tuna fillets in spicy oil. Delicious artisanal preserves Minerva, one of the oldest in Portugal with a great tradition. 125 G

- Sardines in Dorita oil. Quality preserves made in a traditional way. 120g

- 1 red Vermouth + 1 mini white Vermouth. Lodeiros vermouth is made in Santiago de Compostela by the Lodeiros winery with a recipe from 1940 and is made with aged wines from the area. 10cl/unit.

- Green stoneware glass. Glazed stoneware vessel inspired by traditional pottery and with a contemporary air.

- Hand-painted clay plate. One of our most beautiful limited edition pottery pieces. Diameter 20cm.

- Wooden peneira 25 cm Ø. Traditional sieve used in the past to sift flour and that you can use as a bread basket or as a fruit bowl.

A gift to excite! Order yours before they run out.

Pack covered with protective netting, gift wrapped and packaged with shipping protection.

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