"Casa Atlântica, the sustainable decoration brand that emerged in 2014 to highlight the work of artisans from various villages in Galicia and Portugal."
(El País)

Casa Atlântica is a collection of small, unique, and imperfect products that bear the unmistakable mark of the artisans who created them.

Our philosophy is based on offering contemporary products while promoting local craftsmanship, giving priority to production in rural settings through small workshops located in the villages and towns of Galicia and Portugal.

Our sources of inspiration are diverse, ranging from the landscape and folk art to 20th-century modern design, or antique craft pieces we have collected and the creativity of the people who crafted them.

We are involved in every step of the process, from design to production and independent distribution, always keeping our guiding values in mind: love and respect for artisanal work, the environment, and our places of origin.

The result is practical and aesthetically appealing products with a touch of minimalist elegance that fits perfectly into contemporary decor.

After contributing to the revival and appreciation of craftsmanship for ten years, our goal is nothing less than to continue creating functional and emotional objects.

Casa Atlântica, more than just a brand.

Belén, Lester and Pedro

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