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Enameled geometric planter 

The irregular geometry of the Geo planters is the result of drawing parallel lines in regular polygons resulting in a balanced and harmonious irregular shape, in the design of the planters we opted for the inclination of the enamel bath highlighting the geometric character of the object. The geo planters are an exclusive design of Casa Atlântica, and in our workshop we build the wooden models that were used to make the molds.

GEO planters are watertight and you can place them on any surface without fear of water passing through. At the time of planting you can do it directly or in the plastic pot, for better drainage, if you decide to plant directly do not forget to put in the bottom of the planter a little gravel or some piece of broken pottery that the substrate does not puddle and the roots rot.

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Size S 
Width: 9 cm 
Lenth: 9 cm 
Height: 10 cm
Materials: glazed white clay

Size M 
 14,5 cm 
Lenth: 14 cm 
Height: 12 cm
Materials: glazed white clay

Size L 
 17,5 cm 
Lenth: 17 cm 
Height: 18 cm
Materials: glazed white clay

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