Splashed planter S

Odemira collection 

  • Night blue (white dots)
  • White (green and red dots)
  • Mustard (white and green dots)
  • Green Forest (white dots)
  • Rojo moteado verde azul

Made on a potter's wheel and hand painted using the splatter technique, a style that was very popular in the 1970s.

At Casa Atlântica, we designed a more contemporary version of this style, updating the background colors and perfecting the splatter technique. The size of the Odemira S planter is ideal to take care of your cacti or succulents and give a different touch to your interior.
Terracotta is a porous material that absorbs excess water, making it the best type of pot for your plants. For better drainage, don't forget to put sand, a little gravel, stones or a piece of broken pottery at the bottom of the pot. All Odemira pots have a hole for plant drainage and a custom-made clay plate to catch excess water.

You can find them in different colors: midnight blue with white speckles, green with white speckles, mustard with green and white speckles, and white with green and red speckles.

Odemira S speckled planters are a handmade product, so sizes may vary slightly from piece to piece.
are and recommendations: over time, some clay pots may show a slight white coating. This is due to the accumulation of minerals in the irrigation water. The composition of the water varies from place to place. We recommend that you avoid watering with tap water, use filtered water, rainwater or let tap water stand for a few hours before using it. We also recommend not over-watering.

Upper diameter: 13 cm Lower diameter: 11 cm Height: 14 cm Materials: pindado clay

13,5Ø 14h (cm)

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