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Horizontal striped planters, vertical and checkered stripes. Green, blue and red stripes. 

When using the technique and materials used to make the stripes of the Lama, the finishes in these are very similar to the waters of the watercolour drawings, emphasising the artistic, imperfect and handmade part of the object and giving a unique finish to the planters that you can only find at Casa Atlântica. The technique used was discovered in our workshop after many hours of work and tests.

The Lama planters are made of red clay and their production process is completely handmade, the first step being the potter's wheel, drying, cooking and and finally reaching the  previously described painting technique. 

All Lama planters have a hole for plants drainage. In our online store you can buy custom-made terracotta dishes to collect excess water. 

Terracotta is a porous material that absorbs excess water, making it the best type of material for your plants. For better drainage, do not forget to put in the bottom of the pot sand, a little gravel, stones or some piece of broken pottery. 

Lama planters can be found in various type of finishes and colours: horizontal stripes, vertical stripes and squares, in blue, green and red. 

You will be able to find all of this combinations in three sizes S, M and L.