Galician entroido, much more than a carnival

(Boteiros, entroido de Vilariño de Conso. Photo: Carlos Ximenez) . O Entroido, the galician ancestral carnival goes back centuries. This pagan celebration bid farewell to the cold days of winter.  When...

Shop small

At Casa Atlântica we are always looking for beautiful shops that want to sell our products and luckily we already have a number of wonderful places where our designs fit perfectly.

Planting flowers in autumn

It seems that autumn is not a good time for planting, but for lovers of color and blooming parks we have a secret: it's bulb planting season. What does this mean? Well, if you want to have beautiful tulips or...

The pottery of Barcelos in Portugal

Pottery and ceramics are a very important part of Casa Atlântica. For many years we have been working hand in hand with craftsmen from the north of Portugal and Galicia.

Postcard collection inspired in our products

This is our story told through the postcard collection developed in our studio and inspired by our products.

We participate in Festivalet 2019

The 12th edition of Festivalet, the annual crafts and design fair in Barelona, arrives this december.

Collaboration with the Spanish brand Peseta

Laura M. del Pozo, designer and founder of Peseta proposed this collaboration to us after seeing our braided bottles.

Omelette-flipper for Falca agency

A collaboration with the advertising agency Falca that recovers the traditional omelette-flipper

Clementine bottles: multicolour basketry

Our basketry bottles are inspired by the sangria jugs of the 1950s