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Glazed ceramic swallows in different colours and sizes.

Swallows made of clay and glazed by hand. They were popularised by a mythic of Portuguese ceramics brand are today a decorative element that has become fashionable in our houses, being placed inside or outside and as an element of props in the commercial premises. Ours are made in a small ceramic workshop run by António and Lúcia, master craftsmen from the north of Portugal who make each piece in ceramics using a mold, and then hand painting them in glazed finishes of different colours: black, white, yellow and cobalt blue. The placement is very simple, you have to choose the places where you want to place the swallows, and place in forming a 45 degree angle with the wall and pointing up to prevent them from falling, they can also be placed with a hook or similar tool. 

At Casa Atlântica you can find them individually (LINK) in 4 different sizes or in packs (LINK) of 4 units, which make up family of four different sizes.