Blue Enameled stoneware pot Blue enameled stoneware pot on a gray staircase Blue Enameled stoneware pot
Limited special offer
Cobat blue stoneware pot 
From €26.78 €29.75
Enameled stoneware pot green Set of Clay Planters, Yellow Striped, Green Glazed, and Blue Glazed Enameled stoneware pot green
Limited special offer
Stoneware pot green
From €26.78 €29.75
Brown Stoneware Vase Brown Stoneware Vase Brown Stoneware Vase
Limited special offer
Brown stoneware vase
From €26.78 €29.75
White Planter Blue and White Planters White Planter
Limited special offer
White stoneware Planter
From €26.78 €29.75
Speckled red planter
From €12.40


Handcrafter pot
From €38.02
Handcrafter pot stripes
From €38.02
Set of 4 plain planters XS 
From €59.50
Set of 3 wall-mounted striped planters
From €53.72
Wooden pot holder
From €49.59
Dinís Dinís Dinís
Terracotta planter
From €19.83
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Handmade planters. 

Hanging planters, wall planters, desktop planters, red striped planters, blue striped planters, green striped planters, mottled planters, geometrics planters, glazed planters, white clay planters, outdoor planters, indoor planters, blue planters, green planters, yellow planters..

At Casa Atlântica you will find all kinds of planters for your loved plants.