Speckled hanging pot 

  • Night blue (white dots)
  • White (green and red dots)
  • Mustard (white and green dots)
  • Green Forest (white dots)
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Speckled hanging pot.

Made on a potter's wheel and hand painted in the splashed technique, a style that was very popular in the 70s. At Casa Atlantica we have designed a more contemporary take on this style, updating the background colours and perfecting the splashed technique.

Terracotta is a porous material that absorbs excess water, making it the best type of pot for your plants. For better drainage, don't forget to put some sand, gravel, pebbles or broken pottery at the bottom of the pot.

The alvito hanging planters will allow you to create a suspended environment for your plants, thus expanding the spatial and decorative possibilities of your home. All Alvito planters have a natural jute rope that will allow you to hang your plants wherever you like.

Product information:
  • Terracotta painted.
  • Size: 16 x 15 cm.

In handmade products, there may be small variations in color and shape.

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