Ino Bento Mare

Set of striped XS planters

Yellow horizontal striped planter.

The Lama planters from Casa Atlântica are unique pieces, produded in an artisanal way using red clay. We have developed a unique technique for their painting, that make each pieces so special an unique.

The planters have a drainage hole and come with a matching clay saucer, ensuring proper hydration and greater durability.

They are available in three sizes and are perfect for your plants. We recommend avoiding the use of tap water for watering and opting for filtered or rainwater. Turn your plants into works of art with Casa Atlântica's Lama planters!

Product information:
  • Terracotta painted.
  • XS: 13 x 13 x 11,5 cm. 
  • Set: one of each color.

In handmade products, there may be small variations in color and shape.

Product Details