Rufo Rufo Rufo
Set of 2 handpainted bowl
From €26.45
Icía Icía Icía
Set of 2 cups with plates
From €33.06
Olhão Olhão
Limited special offer
Striped rug/embossed
From €26.03 €37.19
Sines Sines
Limited special offer
Striped rug
From €34.71 €49.59
Stoneware pot green
From €29.75
Cobat blue stoneware pot 
From €29.75
Brown stoneware vase
From €29.75
White stoneware Planter
From €29.75
Set of ceramic sardines
From €26.45
Set of cobalt blue ceramic sardines
From €23.14
Set of white ceramic sardines
From €23.14
Out of stock
Set of 4 plain planters XS 
From €59.50
Terracotta planter
From €19.83
Amaro bottles, jugs and clay glasses Amaro
Limited special offer
Clay vase L
From €24.30 €34.71
Table lamp with clay base.
From €190.08
Table Lamp with Braided Base
From €132.23
Toasted yellow clay pot Partially painted clay flowerpots. Toasted yellow clay pot
Limited special offer
Yellow glazed clay pot
From €17.73 €27.27
Set of 3 wall-mounted striped planters
From €53.72


Handcrafter pot
From €38.02
Handcrafter pot stripes
From €38.02
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