Pottery wheel stripes

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Terracotta B.O.I.A pots with shapes inspired by ancient naval effects. Made of refractory clay in which flashes of small quartzite can be seen and give the object a unique and attractive materiality. Made by the craftsman Juan Lorenzo on a potter's wheel and through a completely handmade process. The complexity and difficulty of the pieces makes necessary let them dry and rework again and again

Care and recommendations: over time some clay pots may have a light white coating. This is due to the accumulation of minerals present in the irrigation water. The composition of water varies from place to place. We recommend avoiding watering with tap water, or using filtered water, rainwater or letting the tap water stand for a few hours before using it. We also recommend not overdoing it.


Diameter:  16 cm
Height: 16 cm
Saucer included

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