Esponjado Collection


The Magic of Rescuing Forgotten Techniques

Esponjado Collection

The Magic of Rescuing Forgotten Techniques

Our new Fluffed collection is inspired by various ceramic trays found in antique markets on the northern coast of Portugal, serving as the starting point for creating this unique series.
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Antique markets have always been an endless source of inspiration for us and an invaluable repository of information in the pieces we find there, each with its own story and unique charm.

We began with an ancient bowl as a source of inspiration, initiating our research into the technique of utilitarian ceramic painting. The decoration of this piece was particularly interesting to us, especially considering that it was conceived for everyday and popular use.

In our new cups, bowls, and trays, we revive the ancient popular technique of "esponjado" (sponging), used in this coastal area, where sea sponges were the magical tool for creating patterns on utilitarian ceramics.

Revisiting this form of decorating pottery breathes life into this collection, merging the nostalgia of the past with contemporary design.

White stoneware, combined with blue, red, green, and mustard yellow, forms the chromatic palette of the collection.

Bowls with large-sized plates, or trays and bowls adorned with traditional triangles or "bicos" along their edges, can be paired with plain tableware.

The material, high-resistance porcelain stoneware, reflects the spirit of the 1950s and the quality of materials that were used before. A tribute to folk art, folklore, the anonymous pieces we have been collecting over the years, and the creativity of the individuals who once crafted them.

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