Postcard collection inspired in our products


This is our story told through the postcard collection developed in our studio and inspired by our products.

Throughout Casa Atlântica's history, we have developed a series of graphic projects that represent how we have evolved throughout this time. This can be seen in the business cards and postcards we have created over the years.

In our beginnings, apart from designing and selling products, we were dedicated to the restoration of furniture and decorative objects. Our first collection of postcards was dedicated to those treasures that we found in flea markets and we fished them out in the middle of an ocean of other elements that we discarded.


During this meeting and disagreement in the search for treasures, we found some that inspired us to develop some of our collections, so the Clementine Bottles were born, from a chance meeting in a flea market in Portugal. Our second collection of postcards was inspired by the basketwork patterns that we developed to line the bottles, vases and lamps that we developed during this time.

Ceramics had already knocked on our door and the flowerpots became a classic at Casa Atlântica. We developed a collection of mottled, striped flowerpots and experimented with a multitude of textures on our products. Our third collection is based on the textures of our pots.


Our collection of bags inspired by the colours of the houses of Aveiro was the inspiration for our fourth collection. We developed some patterns based on the colours and patterns of the houses of Aveiro and we developed our 4th collection of postcards.


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