Go and come back


It's fortunate to have a village to return to, and what better place to begin this new stage than at the mouth of a river, where all waters become a new sea.

Go and come back

It's fortunate to have a village to return to, and what better place to begin this new stage than at the mouth of a river, where all waters become a new sea.

As you probably know, Casa Atlântica was born in Barcelona, in a small space in the Gràcia neighborhood, from the idea of ​​revaluing those everyday products that we loved so much from our places of origin and that were part of our personal history.

Over these years, we learned a lot, grew professionally, and, most importantly, forged invaluable friendships.

And now that we have closed our space in Barcelona and returned to the village... what? Well, beyond the big cities, so vibrant and full of opportunities, we want to reclaim this side of the Atlantic as a place to create and live, not just to be inspired by, but also to build, experiment, and learn through action.

For now, we have a small workspace somewhere in the Rías Baixas that we will show you soon, and this website becomes the heart of our brand, where you will find everything you'd like to know about our products, news, and stories. Now our website is the epicenter of our brand, a vital resource for Casa Atlântica to continue navigating globally.

But to begin setting foot on these lands again, we have set out to re-explore our surroundings, capturing our favorite places in photographs.

The images you see were taken in Goián, on the banks of the Miño River, the largest in Galicia, in a typical house with whitewashed walls and a large vine that extends to create a natural canopy. It is a small building located along one of the paths that run parallel to the river, which flows relentlessly, offering dazzling landscapes.

On one side, Galicia, on the other, Portugal.

Time stops here. Imaginations about the border and its magical waters full of legends, like the one that says the river whispers to you if you pay attention.

Here, extreme nature reminds us of how small we are.

Medieval fortresses, islets, a network of cross-border trails, the breeze among the trees of this large estuary influenced by the tides always accompanies its neighbors, the "arraianos."*

As we were saying, on this return journey, this website is our new Home, and through it, we will continue to create stories and products that we hope you will like. Don't forget to take a look at our new collection of lamps and braided bottles that we have just launched to start this new stage.

Perhaps we will go to another place soon, who knows. Life is a coming and going full of changes, experiences, and transitions... But even though birds fly far, they always return to their nest.

Thank you for reading us.
Belén, Lester and Pedro.

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*In Galicia, the term that defines this separation line is "a raia," and those who live in this border region are known as "arraianos."

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