Splashed planter S

Odemira collection 

  • Night blue (white dots)
  • White (green and red dots)
  • Blanco (puntos verdes)
  • Mustard (white and green dots)
  • Green Forest (white dots)

Made on a wheel and painted by hand with the “splashed” technique, a style that became really popular in the 70’s. At Casa Atlântica we have designed a contemporary vision of this style, updating the background colours and improving the mottled technique.

The size of the Odemira S planter is a good choice to care for your cacti or succulents and give a different touch to your home.

Terracota is a porous material which naturally absorbs the excess of water making it the best material for your planters. Do not forget putting sand, a little gravel, stones or some pieces of broken pottery at the bottom of the pot for a better drainage.

You can find them in several colours: blue splashed white, green splashed white, mustard splashed green and white, white splashed red and green and brown splashed white

Splashed planter Odemira is a handmade product, so their measurements are not exact

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Upper diameter:  13 cm
Bottom diameter: 11 cm
Height: 14 cm
Materials: painted terracotta

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